Updates on Petaluma Businesses

 This page is currently not being updated. We will be removing the outdated information from the website in the next 30 days. We are proud that we were able to help the business community in their time of need. If you are looking for information on a specific business, please visit their website. If you are interested in finding a listing of Petaluma businesses, please visit our membership directory.

During these challenging times, the business community needs you. Below you will find a list of how to get your favorite Petaluma local cuisine, product and services while this pandemic continues.

If you have a business that you do not see listed or wish to change the listing please email us at admin@petalumadowntown.com or call 707-762-9348.

Please note that we are updating this as best we can, however, these are uncertain times and we are a small staff. Thank you for supporting our local businesses!

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