A BID is a special mandatory assessment district formed to fund services, activities, and programs above and beyond services provided by the City, for the purpose of improving the downtown core and common areas, and strengthening businesses within the district. The PDA is the administrator of the BID funds.  All businesses in the BID area are welcome to participate by joining the BID committee which meet monthly to decide on how best to use the funds in the district.


All licensed businesses within the BID boundaries pay an annual assessment which is billed at the beginning of each year.

The BID invoice is based and calculated on a business's zone location, type of business, and number of employees.  The City of Petaluma utilizes data from the State Employment Development Department (EDD).  Note: It is very important to check that you are correctly billed for the right amount of employees.  Employees are calculated on full-time hours (part-time employees should be added together to get a full-time equivalent).  Should you have any questions regarding your zoning or employee amounts please contact our local billing services company Carol Mungle at Mungle & Associates - 707.241.0195 - External link opens in new tab or windowPetalumaBID@CMungle.com.



  The Business Improvement District funds allow us to provide services, activities and programs for the purpose of improving the downtown core and common areas in a way that the City cannot.     Marie McCusker, Executive Director of the Petaluma Downtown Association