2024 AGM and Board Elections

We invite all Petaluma Downtown Association and Business Improvement District Members

to attend our

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, March 6 at 6 pm

Petaluma Masonic Hall & Lodge, 9 Western Ave, Downtown Petaluma

2024 Annual General Meeting Schedule
  • The City of Petaluma will be hosting a panel discussion to share all the great things that are happening! Multiple departments will be presenting including ~
City Manager Peggy Flynn, Interim Police Chief Brian Miller, Community Development Director Brian Oh, Economic Development Manager Ingrid Alverde, Director of Parks & Recreation Drew Halter. An open session will follow the panel discussion - please submit any questions you would like to be addressed in the RSVP.
  • Maria Arce with Petaluma Transit will discuss microtransit.
  • PDA President, Executive Director, & BID Committee will present updates and introduce the 2024-2026 Board of Directors.
  • Open Mic - There will be an opportunity to share about your business during the meeting. Feel free to bring business cards, brochures, &/or

other business information.


Michelle McCauley - Summer Cottage Antiques (Incumbent)

I  am the owner of Summer Cottage Antiques and have been in business on Kentucky Street for the past twenty-three years. I have enjoyed my tenure on the PDA Board for the last sixteen years and hope to have your support to continue. 

I believe that having a Downtown Association is a real asset to our town and it allows us all to leverage our advertising dollars and marketing activities so that we are collectively more successful.  During my tenure, I have worked to help create strong and successful downtown events beyond the Antique Faires, including the Butter & Egg Days Parade, the Art & Garden Festival, and many merchant events that bring visitors into our downtown.  The Downtown Association allows us to have a voice, be engaged as a business community, and take advantage of the opportunities of working together. Making sure that our downtown core remains a destination for tourism and shopping is very important to me. With this in mind, I desire to remain on the PDA Board to help ensure Petaluma Downtown remains vibrant and successful. I appreciate your support.


Katie Lafranchi - Hanks Petaluma (Incumbent)

I grew up in Nicasio where my dad was a Dairyman just like his father and Grandfather.  My most treasured memories are the way my mom made every meal for us so delicious and ended with her famous apple pie just like her mom would make. I also very much wanted to be wherever my Dad was, whether it be running errands with him, tending to the cows, or wrenching on his car. My dad was my hero and will always be.

I moved to Petaluma in my freshman year of high school. My first job as a freshman was working at a popular downtown deli called Perry’s on Petaluma Blvd. Like my mom, she worked at her parent's local grocery store and deli in a town called Forrest Knolls, seemed fitting that I too would work within the same industry, feeding our community.

I have a long history of working downtown in the food service industry working at Togo’s, Volpi’s, and Hallie’s, and retail working at Couches Etc where I stayed for 17 years.  It was there that I learned a lot from my boss Mark Thomas about how to run a business, have excellent customer service skills, and manage co-workers. After losing my baby brother Hank in 2018, my eldest brother Eric asked me to join him in opening a new restaurant in honor of him. Hank’s restaurant opened in October of 2019 in downtown Petaluma. I wake every day with a grateful heart knowing that I am doing my part for our community and making my brother proud.

It’s a hard task summarizing just how fortunate I grew up, and how the little town of Petaluma has given me much success,  I have been able to give my kids Michaela and Kobe the foundation that was provided to me, and for that, I feel like I have succeeded. I have served on the Petaluma Downtown Association Board for the past two years and would like to continue to support the downtown business community with my time and love for our community.


Eric Lafranchi - Taps (Incumbent)

I rejoined the board in 2022 as it has been a great experience to understand and support the work of the Petaluma Downtown Association staff and volunteers as a board member. I am a fourth-generation resident of Petaluma and Nicasio Valley. My family pioneered the local dairy ranching industry in Marin County and is currently laying the foundation for a new, organic venture on our dairyland. I have two children, a daughter Bella, and Brogan.


I graduated from Petaluma High School in 1990 and graduated from Sonoma State and Chico in the fall of 1995. In the summer of 1996, I opened Automotive Appearance Specialists (A.A.S. Detailing). In the fall of that year, we ventured one step further into the tinting world and discovered that energy efficiency for residential and commercial applications was on the cusp of a major leap. Our films could be applied to single and dual-pane glass and aid in the efficiency of existing window systems and Blackout Window Coatings was born. Its sole purpose is to provide effective and efficient solutions utilizing the highest quality workmanship available. We have helped many local businesses succeed in meeting energy efficiency goals previously thought impossible with their current window systems. I opened Taps in September of 2009 which has enjoyed an overwhelming response from the community and has become a destination for locals and tourists alike.


In October 2019, my sister Katie and I opened Hank’s in Theater Square. This restaurant specializes in wood-fired pizza, Italian wines, and crafted beer. This venture was from the heart because it is in memory of our brother Hank Lafranchi. We look forward to building business relationships for many years. In these difficult economic times, it is important to look objectively at all possibilities and find gold where others found only coal. I live and work in this community and believe Petaluma is a wonderful place to live, raise kids run a business, and build community. I have the drive and determination to be an effective and engaged board member. I would appreciate your support to continue to bring my experience to the  PDA and our community to see what we can achieve together. Thank you for your consideration.



Jeff Mayne - Sonoma Equity Lending Corporation (Incumbent)

My advocacy for our Downtown Community began with my membership in the Petaluma Downtown Association in 2001 when my office was on Kentucky Street. I have held leadership positions on its Board for much of that time. My advocacy for our Downtown has continued through the present, where my office is now in the old Riverhouse on the Turning Basin. In 2001, I opposed (and still do oppose) a city effort for paid parking downtown. Representation for our downtown merchants and business owners is very important to me. Previously when PDA funding was eliminated, I successfully advocated for the City to invest $250,000 in the PDA so we could continue to thrive for 5 years, while we established other funding sources.


I have consistently committed my time and effort to our many events, to help successfully broadcast our downtown as a destination location. I spend significant time on our existing events and have helped to create new ones that will keep our Downtown and Turning Basin vibrant. This includes offering education on the importance of our River: for commerce, recreation, and the environment. I have proposed a viable long-term dredging solution to keep our River accessible. I am asking for your support to once again allow me to represent you on the PDA Board.



Kim Thomas - Marmalade Sky (Incumbent)

Needing to find a new career path that was fulfilling and supported my creative side, I started Marmalade Sky Floral Design. My love for floral design started late in life and came to me quite by accident.   I was taking interior design courses but thought a floral class would be a good support for my career goals.   Instead, I fell in love with the art and the people in the industry and switched my focus after my first semester in the floral program.

Being born and raised on the Westside of Petaluma, I grew up shopping in downtown Petaluma.  Of course, when I started looking for locations for my flower shop, I thought it was a dream that I found a space on Kentucky Street.  Within a month, I was opening my doors. I’m so incredibly honored to have a shop in downtown Petaluma. I have a deep love for my family & friends, tea parties, travel, and of course flowers. When I opened my business it was important to me to support local businesses to help strengthen our downtown community.  I have served on the board as Secretary for the past two years and would welcome your support to continue the work of the PDA in keeping downtown vital with a healthy local business community.


Paul Demil - Farmers Insurance & Petaluma Rehearsal Studios (Incumbent)

I am proud to be a serving board member of the Petaluma Downtown Association and hope to have your support in continuing to serve this community.  My wife and I have had the pleasure of living in Petaluma for the past 26 years.  We are, and continue to be, enamored by the charms of this wonderful town along with the friendly residents and merchants that make up our community. We are excited to be raising our 6-year-old son Sawyer here in this amazing place that we plan to call home for the rest of our lives!

I am a graduate of Sonoma State University, and I am the owner of a Farmers Insurance Agency as well as Petaluma Rehearsal Studios here in town. My professional background is comprised of 30 years of experience in the music, insurance, banking, and financial service industries. As a local business owner, I am a strong believer and advocate of “buying local” to support both Petaluma businesses and city tax revenues. Thank you for your support!