What is BID?


"A volunteer-led committee promoting the economic growth and resilience of businesses through marketing and beautification while maintaining the unique and authentic character of the Business Improvement District"

The Petaluma Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) is a 501 C(6) nonprofit corporation established to help market and beautify the downtown corridor and promote the common interests of Downtown businesses. Through attention to streetscape, marketing and promotions, special events and advocating on issues of safety, public parking and other factors affecting the economic vitality of the downtown district, the BID fulfills its mission. 

A BID is a special assessment district formed to fund services, activities and programs above and beyond services provided by the City, for the purpose of improving the common areas and strengthening businesses within the district.

There are hundreds of successful BIDís across the U.S. All business owners within the defined district pay an assessment fee in order to equitably distribute the costs and benefits of the agreed-upon services. All licensed

businesses within the BID boundaries pay an annual assessment, which is bill at the beginning of each year.

The BID invoice is based and calculated on your zone location, type of business and amount of employees. To perform this calculation the City of Petaluma used data from the State Employment Development Department (EDD) regarding the number of employees you reported to them. Please be aware that it is very important to check that you are correctly billed for the right amount of employees. Employees are calculated on full time hours (part time employees should be added together to get a full time equivalent). Should you have any questions regarding your zoning or employee amounts please contact our local billing services company MUNGLE & ASSOC. - 707.241.0195 - PETALUMABID@CMUNGLE.COM


The assessment was established in November 2000, when the Petaluma City Council adopted Ordinance 2104 N.C.S establishing the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID). This Occurred at the request of the Petaluma Downtown Association (PDA), after an extensive public hearing process, required by State Law. During the process, local business owners who were to be included in the BID had the opportunity to protest the formation of the district and terminate the process. However, recognizing the utility of the BID, very few chose to oppose the BID and the District was formed. The PDA Board serves as the BID Board of Directors and administers the funds collected from you by the City of Petaluma. The PDA does not have the authority to change this ordinance or grant exemptions.

The annual 2019 BID budget, approved by the Petaluma City Council in January 2019, assessment funds will be used as follows:

30%Downtown Beautification$19,500
23%Downtown Marketing$14,950
Downtown Administration$13,000
27%Downtown Security$17,550

Please support the Downtown Business Improvement District and thank you for your continued efforts to maintain an economically vibrant and attractive downtown.

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