Frequently Asked Questions

 You've got Questions, we've got Answers! This event is brand new, so we're adding new questions that come up everyday.

FAQ's for Home Brewer's interested in participating:

  1. I'd love to submit, but it says I need to bring a minimum of 10 gallons, that's a lot for a home brewer! Can we pour for the event separate from entering the competition?
    1. The competition IS the event. In order to get your liquid to the judges table, you must secure enough votes from the expected 1,000 attendees - that's why we need about 10 gallons. Enough for all the attendees and then 1/2 gallon or so for the judges to taste. The top five vote getters, as a fan favorite, will earn the right to have their liquid tasted by our judging panel. It is then that the judging panel will decide the winner of this competition. So, you may have to brew multiple batches and blend them together to get enough beer to satisfy that requirement
  2. The rules for state no barrel aging, but what about barrel-fermenting?
    1. Barrel fermenting falls under the same stipulation. We only have that rule at the request of Joel Johnson, brewmaster at 101 North. Here's the logic behind it which we fully agree with: If your liquid is voted "best", it will not be able to be replicated on their system. And we also need to fit this "best" liquid into their brew schedule. Anything Barrel Aged / Barrel Fermented would take them far too long to complete.
  3. My beer doesn't fit in any of the categories, does that mean I can't participate?
  1. NO! You are welcome to participate as long as your brew is not barrel aged, sour or wild. If it doesn't quite fit, just pick the closest related category. So if you have a porter, go under stout. If you have a hefeweizen, it's considered a wheat ale. Other Bavarian style bears are considered lagers because they are brewed with lager-making, bottom-fermenting yeast.

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